No more posts – Sorry!

It is previous obvious from the lack of new posts that I am no longer writing new content for this blog. The main reason is that I feel that my blog entries are pretty bland. I know I can write better but I do not have the time to invest to do this. So this blog will stay up until my Domain Name expires.

One thing I want to point out is when reading reviews, please take note of the date when the review was done. Over time, restaurants can change to new management, new chefs or decline through lack of passion.

Thanks to everyone that has spent some time reading the various entries I have put up.


Eating at Popular Restaurants

Like most “foodie” people, I like to go eat at new places. By new I don’t just mean a place that has recently opened but a place that I have never been before. However most of these places I do go to, fall in the “recently opened” category. A lot of people complain about service in Perth and I somewhat agree but I do try to understand all sides of the story. The new popular restaurant or eatery is going to be slammed especially on Fridays and Saturdays (and especially the dinner slots). I’m going to hazard a guess this is the situation where most of the negative reviews arise from. It also doesn’t help if the place is new and the staff have never experienced this situation before. I personally like a good all-round experience so I take in the factors I mentioned above when going out to eat. I even practice my “rules” of dining out of not as popular places too.

So what are these rules?

Nothing mind blowing as you will see. I also have the luxury of time and very little commitments (i.e. family, etc) so consider this when you read what is next. Basically I eat out at popular places when I know it won’t be slammed. A restaurant that is not slammed will allow the wait staff to have more time to provide service and more time for the chefs to prepare your meal. Stressed people don’t work optimally. The other plus is that your meal is not in large queue waiting to be prepared. However, if a place has bad service, it doesn’t matter if it is busy or not.

Eat out on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (maybe Thursday)
The start of the work week is the best time to eat out as these are least popular nights to go out to eat.

Eat early
Try to reserve or walk-in when lunch/dinner commences. This combined with the above tip will give you the best experience. On the weekend, this tip can be applied for lunches. If you have to eat out on a Friday or Saturday night, eating out early will hopefully give you a better experience too if you beat the rush. Understandably, as the night goes on, staff become more tired and little things will build up.

I have been to many places using the above tips and have never had a bad experience if the place I went to was good (if a place is bad, that can’t be helped).

Perth CBD Coffee

Recently I have found myself in the Perth CBD. The thing I missed the most about the Perth CBD is the abundance of espresso coffee in a relatively small area. This is heaven for a coffee lover such as myself. So I decided that since I would usually have a coffee at least once during a work day, I would try as many places as I could. If you read on, there are a LOT of places in the CBD.

One thing to note is that for nearly all of these places, I have only tried their coffee once. This is a small sample set of data which may not truly reflect the quality of the coffee. Also not all barristas are created equal and the house coffee blend may change.

At each place I would try a regular size flat white. I like a bit of depth in my coffee, so if the coffee is a bit weak but good, this is what I would put in my Recommended section below. I don’t really like bitterness but if the other coffee traits aren’t too bad these will be put in the Neutral section. Texture of the milk in the coffee may push a coffee to one category or the other. If there is an acidic after taste or something that is just not right, then the coffee will end up in the Not Recommended section. If the coffee ticks all the boxes, then it appears in the Highly Recommended section.
Just want to iterate that with so many places to try, I’ve only had 1 flat white at each of these places so this may not be a true reflection of the overall standard of coffee at these places. However first impressions are important.

Service also has some influence, as bad service can literally leave a bad taste in the mouth in some cases. Bad service doesn’t mean waiting a long time due to being in the midst of a coffee rush, I can accept that. Blatantly ignoring a customer in your face trying to buy a coffee, that is bad service.

Without further waffling, here is my list (updated as I try more from my Pending list).
Updated: 30 Nov 2012

Highly Recommended

Kiva Coffee
Maven Espresso
Ristretto Espresso
Standing Room Only
Tartine Cafe
The Deck
Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar
Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall
Venn Bar and Cafe
Zucca Espresso

Bucket Cafe
Buddha Espresso
Madlilys Espresso
Mini Espresso
Velvet Espresso
Rosso Espresso
Small Print

Not Recommended