Finding Perth’s Best Phở

Phở is one of my favourite things to eat.  It’s quite healthy, very tasty and great for a meal on a cold winter’s day.  I have been to many of Perth’s Vietnamese restaurants for the purpose of finding Perth’s best phở.

The main thing I look for is a tasty broth without a lot of MSG (none would be ideal).  One of my pet food hates is the aftermath of a MSG-heavy meal, where your tongue is numb and the unnatural thirst that soon follows.  I recently discovered that the numbing of the tongue could be attributed by the cloves in the phở but you can tell when the culprit is MSG since the feeling is clearly more pronounced.

There are two places which I have found to be the best places to satisfy my phở cravings.  Top of my list currently is Phong Vinh in Northbridge.  Due to the topping up of the phở with more broth, each time I visit Phong Vinh, I taste a slightly different broth.  The constants are a very delicious broth where one can taste beef and cloves.  A generous amount of rice noodles also are present in the phở.  The phở is always accompanied with a decent amount of bean sprouts, fresh chilli and mint.  I always add all the chilli to my phở to give it that extra kick and I also add the sprouts to satisfy my conscience’s need for me to eat vegetables.  The mint would add some more balance but I always omit them.

Pho Tai
Pho Tai

There a different phở dishes available, in any combination of raw beef, cooked beef, tripe and beef balls.  I always choose the phở tai, which includes only the raw beef.  The beef is pretty much cooked once it hits the table but some times you can some residual pink bits.  The reason why I like Phong Vinh is because it is a phở that has little or no MSG.  As explained above, my reckoning for this comes from the aftermath of having the phở, which in this case is only a slight numbing of the tongue if any.  The other place I go to is Phở Huynh in Girrawheen, but since I live south of the river, that is a long way to go for phở (although that hasn’t stopped me in the past!).

I was going to write my phở experiences at other places around Perth but this post is getting a bit lengthy so I’ll have a sequel to this post in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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