My choice for pizza – Il Padrino Pizzeria Restaurant

Il Padrino Cafe is sort of an institution of Northbridge.  It’s been forced to relocate a couple of times now, but Nunzio and his proclaimed “best pizza in the world” has found its feet on Aberdeen Street.

What I look for in a great pizza are a great combination of toppings, a delicious base with nice texture and the way it is cooked (it has to be wood-fired).  Nunzio and his staff deliver on all three points.  The base is slightly chewy but cooked through and has a crisp outside, benefits reaped from a wood-fired oven.

Nunzio delivers classic combinations of pizza toppings and some unique ones but my pizza of choice is the Il Padrino pizza.  Bacon, mushrooms and lombo (cured ham) form a delicious combination, fired up with a sprinkle of chilli flakes.  At this exact point in time, this is my favourite pizza.

Il Padrino Pizza
Il Padrinon Pizza

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