Dosukoi – Best Ramen in Perth?

Having experienced life as a student, noodles in soup has been a permanent fixture on the list of things I love to eat.  I still dabble at home with instant noodles but I make my own broth to avoid MSG and any of the strange chemicals they put in flavour sachets.

Ramen is an extension of that love and Perth has a few places that can satisfy the craving.  Nao and Arigataya do good renditions but my favourite is Dosukoi, a small ramen and bubble tea store situated in the Fremantle markets.  The soup that bathes the ramen is very tasty which stands it out from the other two.  I always order the pork belly rendition, the pork being flavourful and tender.

Dosukoi - Ramen with Belly Pork
Dosukoi – Ramen with Belly Pork

Add a side of fried chicken in a cup and you have one satisfying meal!

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