Phở Huynh – A journey for phở

As a somewhat tragic foodie, I will travel the great expanse of Perth to sample the best of its varied cuisines.  As mentioned in an earlier post, phở is one of the top things I love to eat, so one Saturday I decided to head into Perth’s Vietnamese heartland of Girrawheen to find some phở.

With the trusty GPS doing the navigation, I finally found myself in Phở Huynh and immediately ordered the phở tai (phở with raw beef).  The traditional accompaniments of bean sprouts, fresh chilli and mint soon arrived, an abundant amount of each.  After a minute or two longer, the centrepiece of the meal of the meal arrived.

Pho Huynh - PhoTai
Pho Huynh – Pho Tai

I tasted the broth which was very tasty.  More of a meaty flavour than Phong Vinh but less of a clove flavour.  The raw beef was actually raw but after a minute in the hot broth the beef was cooked through and tender.  The rice noodles (ho fan) serving was generous and I was very full and satisfied after such a wonderful meal.

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