Vons Chicken Restaurant – Almost KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

After a friend mentioned there was a new Korean chicken place in town, we were excited and eager to go and sample its wares. Vons Chicken Restaurant has just recently opened in Victoria Park and serves a variety of chicken products. Be aware if you are very hungry as you are welcomed with the aroma of roast/BBQ chicken when you near the eatery’s doors. The place opens fairly late for lunch (12.30pm) and the full menu is not available. So no fried rice or fried chicken for us at lunch.
We decided to go with some of their BBQ Chicken. We ordered a large (10 pieces) server of BBQ chicken wings (small is 5 pieces and you can order drumsticks instead). The chicken does take some time to get on the table a symptom that the owners a fairly new at running a place like this. Our “wings” arrived but it was a combination of wings and drumsticks, a detail that may annoy the pedantics.

BBQ Chicken in Hot Sauce
BBQ Chicken in Hot Sauce

The chicken smelt great and was covered is a sweet, hot and thick syrupy sauce. When ordering the chicken, you can specify the heat level and we decided upon hot. Gloves are available and I would recomment them for the hotter BBQ chicken varieties or if you want to avoid having your fingers covered in the thick sauce coating. The chicken was perfectly cook and at just hot, the heat level of the coating is already up there. Something to be wary of if you haven’t built up you chilli resistance level. I wolfed down the chicken hungrily and luckily baby wipes are available to clean the sauce of your hands. A bucket in the middle of the table is conveniently placed there to hold your chicken bones.


I’ll be returning here aroudn dinner time some time in the future to sample the fried and roast chicken varieties (roast is available at lunch too).

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