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After a morning of shopping in the city, the time for lunch quickly arrived.  Being one of the most indecisive people when it comes into deciding what to eat, it took some time before we decided to go to Kailis Brothers in Leederville.

Fortune smiled on us as we found a free parking spot close to the restaurant and after a brief walk we were in there.  Ample seating was available and we were seated at a nice table.  Perusing over the menu, we decided on the grilled squid and I chose the spaghetti marinara (one of my favourite dishes and one I am keen to try if it is on the menu of a place I haven’t had it at there before).

Grilled Squid
Grilled Squid

The squid came in larger that usual sections.  Each section consisted of three rings not completely separated, which made for large mouthfuls if not parted with one’s knife.  The squid was delicious.  It was perfectly charred, grilled and seasoned.  I would go as far as this is the best squid I have had eating out.  After a brief break, the mains arrived.

Spaghetting Marinara

Spaghetti Marinara

To be honest I was little underwhelmed at the size of the serving but if it was really good, then size wouldn’t matter here.  There was a lot of squid but the other types of seafood were not as abundant.  All but one of the mussel shells were empty but I did manage to find one in the sauce.  The sauce however was very sweet.  Too sweet for me as I prefer a savoury dish to be savoury.

The service we experienced was quite good and better than what you would expect at most Perth eateries.  Water was topped up when needed without asking.

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