Seoul Korean Buffet

Finding a place to eat at the last minute on a Saturday night is a daunting task.  Being a Father’s Day weekend, that feat maybe considered a fool’s folly.  Luckily Lady Luck was smiling upon us and we managed to get a table at Korean Seoul Buffet.

There are quite a few of these Korean buffet places in Perth.  The common theme being marinated meat for one to cook at their table hotplate, some hot dishes and assorted side dishes or banchan.  At Seoul they also have a burner on the table with a metal pot so you can have steamboat as well.  A small selection of seafood including prawns and squid and assorted fish balls/cakes cater for those that participate in steamboat.  Although one can use the seafood on the hotplate.

The selection of meats at Seoul include beef marainated in a sweet soy base marinade, beef in a spicy marinade, beef tongue, chicken in a similar sweet soy marinade, lamb chops in the same sweet soy marinade and thinly sliced pork belly.

Squid and Pork Belly on the hotplate
Squid and Pork Belly on the hotplate

All the different types of meat are quite tasty and of the banchan (side dishes) I always grab the seaweed one, the namool (bean sprouts) and kimchi.  On this occasion the kimchi was a bit too salty.  As a lot of the meats are marinated in a sweet marinade, your hotplate can quickly turn brown (and then black) from the sugar caramellising on the hotplate.  Luckily the staff are very vigilant at swapping the hot plates before this gets to the black stage.  Some may question the quality of the meat but it is tender and tasty once cooked.

A final word of warning, don’t wear your best clothes.  Although the place is ventilated, your clothes will smell of Korean BBQ until they are next washed.
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