Happy Meals

Happy Meals is a favourite Chinese-Malaysian restaurant for nearby Curtin University students.  Now that I’m not a student anymore and my workplace is nearby, I still go to Happy Meals.

As with similar places, there is a large assortment of dishes and lunch specials available.  Out the extensive list, there is one dish that I always get.  The laksa.

Combination Laksa
Combination Laksa

There are a few different types of laksa, but I choose the Combination Laksa as it has the most variety of items in it.  The laksa soup is very tasty and I have to fight myself near the end of the bowl to not drink it all.  All that coconut milk goodness is tasty but not the most healthiest ingredient.  Egg noodles and rice vermicelli are present in this rendition.  The list of other ingredients are BBQ pork, squid, tofu and prawns, with a generous amount of each.

I’m still looking for better laksas but for now it’s happy times with laksa at Happy Meals.

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