B’n'B at Grill’d Subiaco

Another luncthime rolls around and the same unforgiving question is asked: What is for lunch?
This time the concensus was burgers so we decided to go to a proven burger franchise, Grill’d.
After perusing the menu I decided to go with something a bit lighter with something exotic. This translated into the Bird and Brie burger. I like most cheeses and soft cheeses like brie are some of my favourite. Also in case you were wondering, chicken met the “light” specification I had enforced for lunch.
Being a Friday, the place was packed and our group of six huddled around a round table no larger than 1 metre in diameter. Although small we managed to still eat our lunch in relative comfort. The burgers soon arrived and I was please with the look of mine.

Grill’d – Bird’n'Brie Burger

The bun was nice and soft and each component matched quite well together.  The brie added that special touch which turned a good burger to a really good burger.

With a vast menu, I’ll be back to sample another tasty burger here.

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