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Tra Vinh use to be the place I went for phở and other good Vietnamese dishes. I sort of drifted away from this place due to my quest to find Perth’s best phở. Another factor was one time I got the dreaded numb tongue feeling, the feeling one gets after eating too much MSG. Numbness can also be caused by cloves so with a forgiving heart and the fact Phong Vinh was closed that day, I went for some phở at Tra Vinh. As always, phở tai was my order.

Tra Vinh - Phở Tai
Tra Vinh – Phở Tai

The dish came with the typical generous serving of fresh chilli, bean sprouts and mint.  As usual I only added the chilli and sprouts.  The soup tasted quite good, on par with my favourite phởs.  The beef was particularly tasty.  Where as some phở places use what looks like slices of beef from a rolled piece of beef, the beef here looked like it was carved from actual piece of beef.  It was very delicious and packed that extra beef flavour.

After the meal there was no presence of numb tongue.  Tra Vinh has definitely turned the bend and is catching up with the front runners on the straight in the race that is known as Perth’s best phở.

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