Modo Mio and its Marinara

If I recall correctly, in a previous post I mentioned that whenever I go to an Italian restaurant, I always have to order the spaghetti marinara. One lunchtime I found myself at the newish Modo Mio at the Burswood Casino complex. Burswood has really stepped it up on the dining front, pioneered by the success of Neil Perry’s Rockpool. The internationally renowned Nobu has found a place here and in the near future, Guillaume Brahimi will be establishing a bistro there. But I digress so back to Modo Mio.
The restaurant is well lit and the decor is very beautiful. From our table we could see an old school meat slice in front of a window displaying Italian cured meats. A wood fired oven was not too far. The maitre’d was very nice and we were soon seated. The waitstaff soon took our order and not before too long our meals arrived. And yes, I did order the spaghetti marinara.

Modo Mio - Spaghetti Marinara
Modo Mio – Spaghetti Marinara

The marinara sauce was quite tasty but maybe a bit on the sweet side. There was an abundance of cherry tomatoes in the dish, which may have been the culprits for the additional sweetness. The seafood component consisted of prawns, squid, mussels and maybe a scallop or two. I was slightly disappointed with the serving size but reconciled the fact that this is the typical size for pasta dishes especially if you want to be traditionally Italian. My mind always recalls the serving sizes at Ciao Italia but to reiterate, this is the traditional size as mains usually follow a pasta course.
Overall the fresh seafood, the al dente pasta and the tasty source did more than satisfy me this lunch. I’m looking forward to come back for dinner some time in the near future.
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