Fook Kee – A diamond surrounded by the rough

As a foodie, I am always on the look out for a foodie treasure. Some place that serves great food that is hidden somewhere in the wide spread suburbia of Perth. Spence Village is your typical old food court, with many stores serving a wide variety of Asian food. Spencer Village is also infamous for its stores having to pay fines due to food and health violations. One store which has never been in trouble is Fook Kee. A small store tucked away in the corner serving two of the best dishes in Perth. It is the only reason why I venture to this food court.
Personally the first thing I recommend is the chicken glutinous rice.

Fook Kee - Chicken Glutinous Rice
Fook Kee – Chicken Glutinous Rice

This dish is a perfect combination of sticky rice and succulent chicken in a very delicious gravy. It is close to a perfect dish.
The other thing I would recommend is the Big Bun.

Fook Kee - Big Bun
Fook Kee – Big Bun

This is the only place in Perth that I know of that sells this type of steamed bun. Inside the soft white bun, you will find another great gravy covering succulent chicken, pork and egg.
Try those two and I’m sure you’ll be back for more. The prices are also very cheap!

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