The Rice Noodle House – winning with the Urbanspoon slot machine

As a foodie, I’m always looking for new places to eat. Call me strange, but sometimes I like to use the Urbanspoon smart phone app to randomly pick a place to see if there is a new place to go for a bite. Narrowing the search to my local and surrounding suburbs, the Rice Noodle House came up. With good reviews and a good rating, we decided to head over their for lunch.
Hearing good things about the nasi lemak and fried chicken, that is what I ordered.

The Rice Noodle House - Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken
The Rice Noodle House – Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken

The coconut rice, ikan bilis and sambal is a divine combination. In this rendition some cucucumber, fried fish balls, a fried egg and fried chicken round of the dish. Fried chicken is only one of the options with beef rendang my choice for next time. The fried chicken bits taste a bit like popcorn chicken but a more crunchier and more salt than 11 herbs and spices. A dish I will definitely come back for.
As a side I ordered the dumpling soup.

The Rice Noodle House  -Dumpling Soup
The Rice Noodle House -Dumpling Soup

The broth is made from a prawn stock and it is very nice and prawny. The hand-made dumplings are made from pork, fungus and carrot. The carrot adds quite a lot of sweetness and this was a bit too sweet for me. However coupled with the nasi lemak, it was a great combination of dry and salty with wet and sweet. I’m looking forward to coming back. You never know, it might be this coming weekend!

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