Izumi – Pork Ramen

Izumi is small Japanese eatery situated in the heart of Victoria Park and until recently, has been a place I was curious about but never with any urge to go into.  Looking for something different for lunch, and pursuaded by the good rating on Urbanspoon I decided to give it a try.

The menu is quite extensive with they typical sushi, sashimi, tempura, donburi, etc.  They do some more exotic styles of sushi and they also do ramen.  Being a ramen lover I couldn’t go past the pork ramen.  However to start things off I had my favourite Japanese entree, gyu(beef) tataki.

Izumi - Gyu Tataki
Izumi – Gyu Tataki

The beef was nice if not a bit tough.  The ponzu sauce was nice and acidic and reminded me of Momoji’s ponzu sauce.  Appertite heightened, I eagerly awaited for my ramen.

Izumi - Pork Ramen
Izumi – Pork Ramen

The ramen is not the cheapest around and it does cost extra to make the soup spicy (which from what I gathered, meant the ramen had a generous sprinkling of Japanses seven spice).  The soup was tasty and spicy and there was a good serving of noodles.  The soup is quite simple and lacks the depth of a good home made stock.  Being the pork ramen, slices of tasty belly pork gave another flavour dimension.  Rounding of the dish was a generous serving of nori (seaweed) and half a hard boiled egg.

The meal was good if not a tad expensive for what you got.  With a lack of ramen places around (especially near work), I’ll be coming back to Izumi for a work lunch ramen fix.

P.S.  Skip the chicken karaage,  The chicken is nice, tender and juicy but it is just chicken thigh bits deep fried.

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