One of my favourite cuisines is Japanese.  I love the simplicity of the food and the way most dishes bring out the flavour of the core ingredients.  There are many sushi/sashimi/casual Japanese eateries in Perth but if you want something more fancy, I recommend Satsuki.

On most lunch and dinner services you will see the head chef working behind the counter or the waitresses putting the final touches on desserts.  This occasion I was here for lunch.  Being a big fan of fried chicken, I couldn’t go past the Japanese version by ordering the karaage chicken bento box.

Satsuki - Chicken Karaage
Satsuki – Chicken Karaage

The dish is elegantlyput together and consists of the chicken karaage, stewed vegetables, miso soup and steamed rice.  Being the centrepiece of the dish, the chicken is cooked well with a crispy coating containing the moist chicken.  However the chicken could do with a bit more seasoning.

I also ordered my favourite dish, the famous deep fried sushi roll.

Satsuki - Deep Fried Sushi
Satsuki – Deep Fried Sushi

The sushi roll is a delicious rendition of a tuna sushi roll but deep fried with a coating of tempura batter.  The coating gives a the sushi roll a satisfying crunch which compliments the soft sushi roll.  This is some thing all sushi lovers should give a go.

The service is good so if you want some fine dining Japanese, make your way to Subiaco and Satsuki.

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