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Whenever I go to a city or town I have never been before, I always do a quick search on the Internet to find places where I can get a decent meal.  Whilst in Adelaide for a week, this search led me to go to Yakitori Takumi.  It being located outside the CBD (where I was staying) didn’t deter me to work out how to get there via the Adelaide bus system.

Yakitori Takumi
Yakitori Takumi

After taking several minutes to find the correct bus stop (another Google Maps failure), I got a free bus trip to Yakitori Takumi.

I like Japanses cuisine and have always wanted to go to a place that specialised in Yakitori.  I was greeted fondly by the staff upon entering the smallish eatery and was quickly seated at the bar.  After a quick look at the menu I made my order which arrived after a few sips of my hot green tea.

In the menu, some of the items are highlighted as their specialties.  One such specialty is the Chicken Cheese.

Yakitori Takumi - Chicken Cheese
Yakitori Takumi – Chicken Cheese

The chicken skewer is covered in melted cheese and then brushed with a sesame dressing.  I don’t know what cheese they use, but it is one with a subtle favour.  At a guess, it would be some cheddar variation.  The chicken was nice and tender but due to the subtleness of the cheese, maybe needed a little seasoning.

The next to arrive was the belly pork skewer.

Yakitori Takumi - Belly Pork
Yakitori Takumi – Belly Pork

I love belly pork and could not give this one a miss.  The belly pork is lightly salted and a squeeze of lemon juice helps cut through the fattiness of the belly pork.

To round of the dinner, I had Yakitori Takumi’s version of agedaishi tofu.

Yakitori Takumi - Agedashi Tofu
Yakitori Takumi – Agedashi Tofu

This was a very different variation to the ones I have had before.  The tofu is deep fried to have a crispy texture.  The coating of each piece is quite salty which contrasts with the expected subtle tofu flavour.

During the meal, I spoke with one of the owners who said this was the first restaurant in Australia to specialise in yakitori.  Even now, he said it is one of a handful around the country.

I recommend you to go Yakitori Takumi for meal with a bit of uniqueness.  The tapas like style would suit a group of friends and I look forward to a second visit, next time I am in Adelaide.

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