Thanh Thanh – Finding Phở in Adelaide

Whilst in Adelaide, one of the choices I have to consider is phở. Luckily a place not too far from my hotel had good rating on Urbanspoon, so I took a stroll to Thanh Thanh. The decor of Thanh Thanh is reminiscent of eateries in south east Asia, as I was seated on a orange plastic chair at a orabge plastic table.
After flagging down a waiter, I ordered an entree and main and after a brief wait, dinner was served.
Entree was Vietnamese spring rolls.

Thanh Thanh - Cha Gio
Thanh Thanh – Cha Gio

The spring rolls were quite hot temperature wise so after waiting a few minutes for them to cool, I got stuck into one. The outside was crispy and the filling was quite nice. The pork, carrot and cellophane noodles shining through the mix. The Vietnamese dipping sauce was a must to balance these tasty rolls.
After waiting in eager anticipation, my phở tai arrived.

Thanh Thanh - Pho Tai
Thanh Thanh – Phở Tai

The main thing that stood out was the very generous serving size. This meant a huge serving of ho fan (rice noodles) which I struggled to finish. The phở itself was OK but lacked the depth of flavour of my favourite pho places back in Perth. It did the job of filling me up though.
Thanh Thanh is a nice place to go for a casual meal but my quest for a great phở in Adelaide has yet to come to a conclusion.

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  1. By all means, try Miss Mai. but, if Thanh Thanh is not good enough, you won’t find Ms Mai satisfactory. I mean the pho of course. I’ve also been looking out for a good pho in Adelaide. Yet to find ;-(

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