Sparrow – Cheap Indo style food

After hearing good things from work colleagues, we decided to travel to Sparrow for lunch. Sparrow has long been known for its cheap prices, and after perusing the menu, this hasn’t changed.
Being a fan of nasi lemak, I picked something quite similar, the nasi kuning combo.

Sparrow - Nasi Kuning Combo
Sparrow – Nasi Kuning Combo

The only major difference between this rendition of nasi kuning and a regular nasi lemak is that the rice is yellow instead of white because of the addition of tumeric. The dish looked good when it arrived. The rice did have a hint of coconut and the egg was a typical boiled egg but the stand out was the ikan bilis and peanut. Probably the best version of ikan bilis that I have had in Perth. The fried chicken tasted good as fried chicken always does but was not any more special than other places. All in all, a good dish for its price but I’ve had better elsewhere.
I also sampled the beef rendang during that meal, and was slightly perturbed because it was served at a unexpectedly lower temperature.
The prices for dishes here are still very cheap and will continue to be a favourite for the finance concious students of Perth.

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