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It’s a hot summers day in Perth as lunch approches.  The heat has put me off eating steamed food like at dim sum, noodle soup and other “body heating” foods.  Alas sushi fits the criteria and we head to Aisuru Sushi.

At the time of writing, Aisuru Sushi was fairly new and was suffering teething issues with the waitstaff.  Our order was not sent to the kitchen until we asked for the drinks we ordered.  Also if you sit at the counter, watch out for flying sauce as the chefs use the their sauce bottles on the sushi. Not a good first impression but after the food started to roll in, the experience was great.

Aisuru Sushi - Beef Tataki
Aisuru Sushi – Beef Tataki

Beef tataki is usually the first thing I will order when going to a Japanese place for the first time.  This rendition is lightly seared sirloin served in a ponzu sauce and garnished with spring onions.  The beef was nice and tender but not very flavoursome.  The ponzu sauce was not as acidic as others I have had which was a bit of a let down.

Aisuru Sushi - Tempura Sweet Corn
Aisuru Sushi – Tempura Sweet Corn

I was quite excited when this arrived as this was something I have never had before.  Sweet corn kernels sliced off the cob is mixed with tempura batter and fried.  Japanese mayonnaise, truffle oil and a sprinkle oh shichimi togarashi (Japanese seven  flavour chilli pepper) finish this dish off.  The corn was sweet and tender and was great texture combination with crispy tempura batter.  The mayonnaise enhance the creaminess and the addition of truffle oil sent the taste buds to heaven.  To perfectly round the dish off, the shichimi togarashi add a very subtle kick.  You have to order this if you come here.

Aisuru Sushi - Torch Roll
Aisuru Sushi – Torch Roll

We decided to order half or sample size sushi rolls from the menu in order to try as many as we could before we got full.  The first to arrive was the Torch roll.  Prawn tempura is encased in the sushi  rice which is topped with saba (mackerel), advocado, spicy mayo which is then blow torched before topping off with tobiko (flying fish roe).  The tempura prawn added some crunch and the saba added a fishy taste which is subtle enough to not be bad.  The tobiko rounds off the taste with some sourness.

Aisuru Sushi - Black Velvet Roll
Aisuru Sushi – Black Velvet Roll

The next to arrive was the Black Velvet Roll.  This was quite similar to the Torch roll, with the differences being the lack of saba and the tobiko being replaced with black caviar.  The taste was very similar to the Torch roll too, but lacking the fish flavour from the saba and the sourness from the tobiko.  The black caviar was very subtle in flavour and one could miss it.

Aisuru Sushi - Spider Roll
Aisuru Sushi – Spider Roll

Soft shell crab has become one of my favourite things to eat.  Combine it with sushi and it’s a match made in heaven.  Here the lightly battered and deep fried soft shell crab is wrapped in nori (seaweed) with Japanese mayo and lettuce.  The rice is rolled around which is sprinkled with black sesame seeds.  The batter adds some crash and the combination of crab and mayo ensures a great taste.

Aisuru Sushi - Banana Split Maki
Aisuru Sushi – Banana Split Maki

Dessert today was the Banana Split Maki.  Lighlty battered and deep fried banana pieces are topped with strawberry and kiwi fruit, skewered together with a tooth pick.  Chocolate sauce and strawberry coulis is drizzled over the top once whipped cream is put on.  Here the sweetness of the banana helps offset the sourness of the strawberry.  A richer chocolate sauce would have been better as it unsuccessfully fought for some attention.

All in all a great meal albeit a bit of damage to the wallet.  Hopefully the teething problems will be sorted soon but the staff are friendly and the manager explained the mix up and went through the bill itemisation as our order was mixed together with someone else’s.  Above is a sample of the sushi rolls available and their are vegetarian sushi rolls too.  I will be tempted to go back some time this week actually.

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