Prego – Maybe my favourite Italian restaurant

Italian is one of my favourite cuisines.  I spend hours dreaming of my next bite of a wood-fired pizza or eating al dente pasta with a delicious tomato-based sauce.  When choosing a place for a dinner with a friend and the thoughts of Italian food still fresh in my mind, we decided to go to Prego.

Upon reaching the entrance, a staff member was at the ready to open the door for us.  We were quickly seated after confirming our reservations.  I have a habit of perusing the menu of the place I am going to go to, so had picked my entree and main already.  The specials of the day almost swayed me to change my decision but I stuck to my guns and ordered what I had planned to.

Before the entree, a complimentary falafel was served to us.

Prego - Falafel
Prego – Falafel

I’m not a big fan of falafel but this one was good.  Not something you would expect from an Italian restaurant but I might give falafel a second chance after eating this one.  The texture and amount of spices were perfect and the little bits of tomato helped freshen up the dish.

Soon after came the entree.

Prego - Capesante al funghi
Prego – Capesante al funghi

I love scallops so I couldn’t go past this choice.  The scallops were lightly sealed and were served upon a bed of oyster mushrooms with a mustard vinaigrette and a chilli salsa.  The scallops were cooked perfectly and had that delicious char flavour.  Since it was cooked well the texture was great. The scallops were also sweet.  The oyster mushrooms were cooked well and were tender.  The chilli salsa added an extra dimension but I could happily live without it on this dish.

Things were looking great and we eagerly awaited our mains…

…45 minutes later they finally arrived.

Prego - Gamberi allaglio
Prego – Gamberi allaglio

This dish consisted of oven baked prawns with triangle pasta in a crab jux.  Like the scallops before, the prawns had the delicious char flavour.  The prawns were also fresh and not the bland frozen ones a lot of restaurants are using these days.  The pasta was silky and cooked perfectly.  The crab jux completed the dish and it was delicious and full of crab flavour.  I had to order some bread to mop it up after finishing the rest of the dish.  I would have liked a bit more pasta.  The main wasn’t filling for me so I would recommend an entree too for dinner.

Other than the 45 minute wait between entree and mains, this was a perfect meal.  The long wait did discourage us from ordering dessert in fear of another long wait and I hope this was just an anomaly.  The restaurant was packed though so I would recommend a booking.  The prices are quite high but they match the quality if compared to other Italian restaurants.  Prego has become my favourite Italian restaurant and I look forward to returning.

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