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One of my favourite Japanese restaurants was Fuji Sushi Station. Both the staff and food were really authentic and I repeatedly went there for lunch since it was near work. I was saddened to find out that one day it had closed.
Some time later I heard the Fuji Sushi Station people had resurfaced at a new eatery called Buen 151. Without hesitation, I headed over there for lunch.
The menu contains the usual dishes for lunch with some not commonly found in other Japanese eateries in Perth.

Buen 151 - Miso Soup & Spaghetti Salad
Buen 151 – Miso Soup & Spaghetti Salad

With your lunch you will get a bowl of miso soup and salad of some type. This time it was the spaghetti salad. The miso soup is good and on par with others and the spaghetti salad is quite moorish.
For lunch this time, I decided to try their sushi and ordered the futamaki roll.

Buen 151 - Futamaki
Buen 151 – Futamaki

The sushi roll contains egg, cucumber, Japanese pickle and fish dust.  The taste combination was OK but not to my liking since it was little too sweet for me.  The chicken karaage to follow would remedy this sweetness on my palette.

Buen 151 - Chicken Karaage
Buen 151 – Chicken Karaage

The chicken is cooked well but is very lighlty seasoned.  You taste the oil more than anything.  The accompanying salad is dressed sparingly and could do with a more generous serving of the dressing.

Overall the meal was OK but the other dishes have better counterparts elsewhere.  The service is friendly and I have had better dishes from these people in the past.  I still like the food so I’ll be back.

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