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Establishments that have been running for a long time must be doing something right to last this long, especially as competition grows.  One such institution is Alfred’s Kitchen.  I’ve always wanted to try this place out and after leaving a party in the local area, I decided to go there for some supper.

The place looks like a school canteen with a board filled with many options.  A wood fire is going nearby for the patrons on those cooler nights.  Alfred’s is famous for their pea and ham soup, so that is what I started with.

Alfred's Kitchen - Pea & Ham Soup
Alfred’s Kitchen – Pea & Ham Soup

The soup is quite thick and has a nice smoky flavour.  In my cup I had bacon bits at the bottom but I found the soup a bit too “floury” for my liking.

Burgers is why people come to Alfred’s so I had one of those too.

Alfred's Kitchen - Burger with Egg and Bacon
Alfred’s Kitchen – Burger with Egg and Bacon

Not content with a basic burger, I chose the bacon and egg version.  The bun was freshly toasted and the lettuce and tomato was also very fresh.  Maybe I’ve been spoilt by Jus and Grill’d but the Alfred’s pattie is just your standard beef pattie and you can tell the difference. Other than the freshness of the burger, I don’t see any other highlights unfortunately.

Alfred’s is still quite popular and expect a bit of a wait before your order is filled.  The burger was nice but I was expecting a little more.

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3 thoughts on “Alfred’s Kitchen

  1. Hi There
    I agree with your review on Alfred’s. It just wasn’t as good as I expected, it’s strange that there is so many defenders on here. Overall I found there food to be of average quality, which you could get from any corner store

    • We often go about 4 times a year, ant Alfreds is the only “burger” joint I’d bother going to, did try a few of the specialist new places, can’t even think of their names. BUT I have never actually had a burger there! I always get the Alfreds Special, and special it is! Layers of tender flavourful steak, fresh salad, bacon, egg, and toast, instead of gluggy buns! Yummmm! Chips are pretty good too, but all chips taste good when you only eat them about once a month!

  2. unfortunately its all about hype and no real consideration to the real product Alfreds Kitchen only exists as do all the fast food outlets by MARKETING If you look at comments on alfreds kitchen you will see many many unhappy customers

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