Kanta – Suburban Secret

As an avid foodie, I love being told or discovering those eateries hidden in suburbia.  There a quite few Japanese places hidden at small local shopping centres and Kanta is one of my favourites.

The menu cotains your usual Japanese favourites and some unique ones, each of them executed to near perfection.  This time around I came for lunch so maybe in a future post I’ll detail a dinner experience.  One of the signs of how good a Japanese eatery is, is how good their sashimi and sushi is.  The had chef at Kanta prepares sashimi and sushi to order, so don’t expect to rock up and peruse a pre-made selection.  This time for lunch, I ordered the chirashi sushi

Kanta - Sushi Moriawase
Kanta – Sushi Moriawase

The dish contains freshly prepared mini cucumber sushi roll, kingfish nigiri, salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, tamago (omelette) nigiri and prawn nigiri.  Wasabi and ginger accompany the sushi for your use.  The dish is delicious and from the picture you can see it is presented quite well.  Can’t beat fresh dishes made to order.

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