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Finding a place to eat on a Monday night can be quite challenging in Perth. A lot of popular places choose Monday night as their night off which is the cause of this first world problem. After looking for a new place to go to for dinner, I was happy to find out that S T Thai Gourmet Cafe was open on a Monday night.
Upon entering the eatery, we were confronted by how loud the place was in there. This is the loudest place I have eaten at so if you are going to have a nice quiet chat with a friend, maybe this isn’t the best place to go.
After perusing the tattered menu (some are just holding by a thread), I chose the classic Pad Thai.

S T Thai Gourmet Cafe - Pad Thai
S T Thai Gourmet Cafe – Pad Thai

I like a bit of kick in my noodles so I asked it to be extra spicy, however when I tucked into the dish it was anything but. A colleague of mine found her mild penang curry was too hot, so maybe the ensuing confusion was the cause of my “no kick at all” pad thai. I had ordered the seafood version and the pad thai had a generous amount of mussels and squid. A couple of prawns and scallops were the other seafood that went with the large serving of noodles. The fried egg in the mix provided a needed salty contrast to the sweetness of the noodles to help me get through all the noodles. Bean sprouts freshened up the dish and added an enjoyable crunch. Overall a good rendition of this Thai favourite.
The staff are very friendly and a push button system on the tables allows you to call for a waiter, water or the bill. If only the place wasn’t so loud.

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