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Ever since seeing teppanyaki in action on television, I’ve always wanted to see the show first hand.  Having been to teppanyaki in Melbourne and Auckland, these were more about the food and not the show.  Maybe in this age of legal liability, shows like this are a dying art.  I still like the interaction between chef and diner and on a special occasion, I went to see Nobu’s version.

There were two set menus to choose from for teppanyaki and since it was a special occasion we chose the more expensive one at $188.  After being seated around the teppanyaki hot plate, drink orders were taken and not before too long, our first dish was served.

Nobu - Mix Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing
Nobu – Mix Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing

The salad is mix of various lettuces, dressed with the Matsuhisa dressing and topped with some cooked rice vermicelli.  The dressing adds a necessary saltiness and acidity to combat the bitterness of some of the lettuce.

Nobu - Oyster Filo
Nobu – Oyster Filo

The next dish to arrive was the oyster filo.  This consisted of a oyster wrapped in kanafe which was deep fried and served on a bed of lettuce and topped with wasabi aioli.  The oyster flavour was not strong and the wasabi aioli added a nice extra flavour.  The crunch of the kanafe gave the morsel a satisfying crunch.

It was at this point the teppanyaki chef arrived and started cooking.

Nobu - Ceviche Tomato Tofu
Nobu – Ceviche Tomato Tofu

Here tofu was sliced and cooked upon the grill with asparagus.  When the duo was cooked the asparagus was served on top of the tofu and dressed with tomato and red onion salsa.  The tofu was typically bland which made its combination with the asparagus and the acidic tomato “ceviche” a strange one.  The flavours didn’t really combine together well for me.

Nobu - Ebi & Hotate
Nobu – Ebi & Hotate

The scallops in this dish was cooked in a uni (sea urchin) butter which smelt divine while it was cooking.  The scallop however lacked sweetness and was quite bland which allowed the uni taste to come through.  The tiger prawn was delicious and served with a miso yoghurt and tabouleh salsa.  The salsa tasted quite similar to the tomato salsa in the dish before.

Nobu - Stuffed Ika
Nobu – Stuffed Ika

Here a squid tube stuffed with crab meat was sliced and cooked on the hot plate before being serverd with spicy miso yoghurt and a cream jalapeno sauce.  The grill had imparted a nice flavour to the squid while the crab meat didn’t add too much flavourwise.  The sauces added a little kicked to the tasty squid.

Nobu - Sake Hana

Nobu - Sake Hana

This beautiful dish consisted of raw salmon topped with salmon roe on a bed of crispy leeks and seaweed dressed with a delicious Karashishu miso sauce.  Without the crispy leeks and to die for Karashishu sauce this dish would have been remembered as salmon sashimi.  The leeks adding a great textural component here.

Nobu - Wagyu
Nobu – Wagyu

This dish was meant to consist of Black Angus beef but instead was substituted with wagyu beef which is what is meant to be now.  While the beef was grilled to how you personally liked it (medium rare for me) we snacked on moorish artichoke chips.  The grilled beef had a nice beef flavour as only wagyu can give.  A trio of dipping sauces were provided to compliment the beef.

Nobu - Yakimeshi
Nobu – Yakimeshi

Some showmanship was finally displayed for the last dish the teppanyaki chef made for us.  The chef skillfully spun an egg on the hotplate before tossing it up in the air and catching in still spinning on his metal spatula.  A final toss ended with the egg split in half by the up-turned edge of the spatula.  The fried rice is not very flavoursome when you consider it having jamon as one of its components.  In fact the rice is dominated by the bitterness of burnt garlic.  The crispy prawn head from the tiger prawn used in an earlier dish is like a tasty prawn cracker.

Nobu - Prawn Head Miso Soup
Nobu – Prawn Head Miso Soup

This soup is a great rendition of this Japanese staple.  The prawn flavour is quite pronounced which was something I really liked.

Nobu - Bento Box with Green Tea Ice Cream & Goma Tuille
Nobu – Bento Box with Green Tea Ice Cream & Goma Tuille

A delicious oozing chocolate fondant is balanced nicely with the green tea ice cream.  This is one of the best places to get a chocolate fondant and it is easy to miss the tuille under the green tea ice cream.

The dishes maybe small but due to the large number of them, I was very full at the end of the meal.  Some dishes were hit and miss and I would have loved more of a show.  However the service was very good and the chef was quite nice.

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  1. The chef you had was probably Evan. He used to work at Midori as a chef there, very skill full. Next time give Midori a go, the chefs there put on a show, ask for Charlie if you do end up trying it out.

    • It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Midori that I always wondered if it was still open when driving past. I’m sure to take up your tip if I visit there. Thanks!

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