Yuki is a suburban Japanese restaurant that has been opened for a while. Ever since it opened, it consistently gets good reviews. Hungering for some Japanese I decided to go back to Yuki to see what is the current status quo.
Yuki has the usual Japanese options which will satisfy the majority of those looking for their Japanese favourites. Yuki also has a bento box menu which consists of a Japanse favourite dish (Teriyaki Chicken, Chicken Katsu, etc) with 3 choices of sides depending on how hungry you are. The most expensive one is just over $20 but as you will see below, you get a lot of what you are paying for. Never been known to turn down scallops, I ordered the scallop katsu bento box C (A is cheapest – C is the most expensive).

Yuki - Bento Box
Yuki – Bento Box 

Good miso soup and a bowl of rice are part of the bento (although depending on which one you get, the rice is in the bento box itself) but what I like in this combo is that you get mixed tempura.  The tempura coating is nice and light and you get good variety with assorted vegetables and seafood including a prawn.  Dipping sauce for the tempura is also provided but it is not the typical ginger infused one.

Yuki - Scallop Katsu Bento Box
Yuki – Scallop Katsu Bento Box

In my bento box itself was a shot glass of edamame, 2 pieces of assorted sushi, salad, spring rolls and the scallop katsu.  The sushi and spring rolls were OK, none outstanding.  Maybe I should have gone with the gyoza as this bento box you have a choice of spring rolls or gyoza.  The salad was nice and fresh with the typical Japanese fruity dressing.  However there was a little bit of water at the bottom suggesting a very watery dressing or that the salad was not dried properly.  The scallops themselves were quite plump but the katsu coating easily came off them.  There was also a bit of liquid suggesting that the scallops were frozen when battered and deep fried.  I personally didn’t get burnt by the liquid but let this server as a warning anyhow.

With so many components, this bento box will leave you very full.  If you want a entree, choose something that is not too filling or you will struggle to finish the whole meal.

The service is pretty good but were were there for a relatively quiet lunch service and I like to judge a place’s service when they are busy.

With great value bento boxes like this one, I’ll be back for lunch.

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