Pepper Lunch

Browsing the web for lunch ideas, I came across Pepper Lunch.  Located in the Perth CBD, I usually would not go to a place there due to the hassle of parking, not to mention paying for said parking.  I could not pass the chance to try something new so off I went.

Perusing the menu I wanted something that Pepper Lunch called their own.  I decided to order the Kimchi Beef with Cheese Rice.

Pepper Lunch - Kimchi Beef with Cheese Rice

Pepper Lunch – Kimchi Beef with Cheese Rice

The rice, beef, kimchi and cheese arrives on a hot plate with instructions to mix the lot together, primarily to cook the beef.  After mixing, you can add some soy sauce or garlic sauce to add some more flavour.  The dish tasted a lot like a Korean Dolsat Bibimbap, punctuated with the sourness of the kimchi.

Overall Pepper Lunch provided a tasty lunch but nothing to say come back soon.  Seating is limited so come early to ensure a table.

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