Jus Burgers – Leederville

Lately I have had a craving for burgers.  Currently Grill’d consistently puts up my favourite burgers.  Haven’t been to Jus Burgers for a while, we visited them for lunch to see if they could match Grill’d.

Maybe I should have  got a burger but I decided to go with Steak Burger.

Jus Burgers - Steak Burger

Jus Burgers – Steak Burger

Upon arriving, the burger looked a bit minimalist but that necessarily is not a bad thing.  However the steak was over cooked which let the whole burger down.  Cooking a steak well is an art so maybe the cook didn’t shift gears when switching from cooking burger patties to steaks.

So my recommendation is to stick with the conventional burgers at Jus Burgers, something I should have done.

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