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I find it difficult to believe I haven’t posted a review of Took Be Gi here yet. Took Be Gi has been one of if not my favourite Korean eatery for many years now. I was doing dancing lessons at Gilkinson’s after work with some colleagues, and with dancing not beginning until 7pm, we grabbed dinner around the Pier Street area before class. That’s when we stumbled upon this low profile Korean restaurant called Took Be Gi where I was to begin my love affair with Korean food.
As with any eatery, there are many dishes to choose one. If you are after something tasty and healthy, or looking for something to introduce yourself into the deliciousness that is Korean food, may I suggest the Dolsat Bibimbap.

Took Be Gi - Dolsat Bibimbap

Took Be Gi – Dolsat Bibimbap

A bibimbap consists of rice topped with a variety of thinly sliced vegetables, bean sprouts, bracken fern with the option for cooked marinated meat or kimchi. The dolsat bibimbap is identical except for the fact that it is served it a hot earthenware bowl.
Mix all contents with provided sauce thoroughly before tucking in into this delicious wholesome meal.
One of the best things about Korean eateries such as Took Be Gi is that they serve complimentary side dishes called banchan. There a several small dishes including the iconic kimchi (cabbage fermented with shrimp paste and chilli) and namul (blanched and seasoned bean sprouts).
After eating Took Be Gi’s version, you’ll feel satisfied after eating such a wholesome but delicious meal.
Took Be Gi is very popular around dinner time so come early or join the queue. The dolsat bibimbap is worth the wait.

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