Sayers Sister

One of my favourite ways to spend a lazy afternoon is to go to a good cafe with friends and spend the afternoon chatting away over your choice of beverage. Having enjoyed my time at Sayers, I was keen to try out it’s spin off, Sayers Sister.
The cafe has a nice design, but not being an interest of mine, my thoughts went into choosing what to have. I couldn’t go past the signature Honeycomb Affogato.

Sayers Sister - Honeycomb Affogato
Sayers Sister - Honeycomb Affogato
Sayers Sister – Honeycomb Affogato

As it name betrays, this drink is your typical affogato but with crumbled honeycomb on top. I’d say this would be a favourite drink for those with the sweetest of tooths. The honeycomb and ice cream dominate the drink with their sweetness. If you like sweet, then you would like this.
Due to the sweetness I did order a standard flat white choosing the single origin they had in the hopper. The coffee was nice but a little weak for me to completely like it. This would explain the coffee not shining through in the affogato but maybe the affogato had skewed my taste for the flat white.
Service was cheerful so I’d definitely pop back in when in the area.

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