Bistro Guillaume

Over the last year I have slowly forsaken the expensive fine dining restaurants, choosing good casual restaurants when I am given a choice. Being a fan of French food and with the name Guillaume Brahimi behind this restaurant, it was inevitable that I found myself at Bistro Guillaume.
The decor is something to behold as you will not find anything like it in Perth (well I haven’t).

Bistro Guillaume
Bistro Guillaume

Enough with being distracted and onto the food. As a starter i couldn’t go past something using local produce and chose the marron.

Bistro Guillaume - Marron
Bistro Guillaume – Marron

The sweet marron tails lie on top of a bed of cos lettuce, mini tomatoes and croutons. An avocado puree underneath it all ties the whole dish together. Like fresh seafood? Can’t go wrong with this one.

From the light to the rich, I chose the quintessential French dish, the duck confit.

Bistro Guillaume - Duck Confit
Bistro Guillaume – Duck Confit

Two delicious frenched duck legs cooked confit style lie on an even more rich bed of peas in an emulsion of butter and speck. The duck is moist and almost melts to touch. While the peas cooked in the delicious combination of butter, shallots and speck make sure you know the meaning of richness. Have a glass of wine handy to help cut through the richness and cleanse the palette.

Staying with traditional French fare, dessert consisted of chocolate souffle.

Bistro Guillaume - Chocolate Souffle
Bistro Guillaume – Chocolate Souffle

The souffle comes in a VERY HOT mini copper pot. Don’t get seduced by the beautiful copper glow as I did briefly feel its fire with a careless touch. The chocolate souffle is very light and is served with a delicious quinelle of pistachio ice cream that is recommended to be placed inside the souffle by the chef. I don’t think I’ve ever had a proper souffle before. If this is what a souffle is meant to be, it is a bit too light and lacks the body I like.

Bistro Guillaume is a great place to impress with a date. The combination of decor, service and food is great.
I’ll be back for the roast chicken.

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