Missy Moos Burger Bar

Missy Moo’s is a burger joint nestled in South Fremantle.  It has children theme, from  old children vinyl covers on the roof to a child’s toy instead of a number to distinguish which order is who’s.  I am a fan of blue cheese so I couldn’t go pass the “Cow jumps over the moon burger”.

Missy Moos - Onion Rings and Cow jumped over the moon Burger

Missy Moos – Onion Rings and Cow jumped over the moon Burger

The burger consists of a nice soft bun, a tasty beef patty, baby spinach, aioli, Margaret River tomato relish with crispy prosciutto and blue cheese the distinguishing features.  The prosciutto and blue cheese sometimes makes this burger quite salty on some bites.  Other bites you get a divine combination when the tomato relish and blue cheese combine.

We also ordered some onion rings.  The onion rings were very nice, but were quite salty.  Have a refreshing drink handy.

There are other interesting burgers on the menu, so I think I’ll be back for another burger (if the salt doesn’t get me first).

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Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed

There seems to be current trend where ordinary fast food fare is being transformed into a gourmet version. Burgers have been the main item for transformation but this review is on a place who is upscaling the humble hot dog.
Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed is located outside the main Fremantle city centre but there is a fair amount of street parking near the place. I do love hot dogs so when I heard of this place I had to go. There are many unique hotdogs to try with the only constants being the bun and the premium bratwurst. I for one would welcome a variety of sausages.
To start of the meal, we ordered the fries.

Run Amuk - Fries
Run Amuk – Fries

The fries were really fresh and crisp and had a perfect light golden colour.  The semi-dried tomato aioli was to die for and I wished I had more.

The hotdog was the next to arrive and I had decided to order “The Punk”.

Run Amuk - The Punk
Run Amuk – The Punk

This is a rendition of the classic hotdog with some of the usual suspects as extras.  The tender and tasty bratwurst is surrounded by soft caramelised onions and crispy bacon.  Wholegrain mustard, tomato and smokey BBQ sauce are the condiments included here and the combination makes a very delicious hotdog!  The hot dog is quite large and is served on a corrugated piece of stainless steel.  Trying to fit this in my mouth was a challenge, which is saying something since I have a large mouth.  A plate would have been nice to capture the inevitable dripping of sauce and juices from the hotdog.

A very nice meal but at a price.  The hotdogs are easily at least double the cost of a bratwurst hotdog you will find at Elmar’s.  The service however is very friendly but I suspect the cost may deter some people, especially those on a budget.

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Dosukoi – Best Ramen in Perth?

Having experienced life as a student, noodles in soup has been a permanent fixture on the list of things I love to eat.  I still dabble at home with instant noodles but I make my own broth to avoid MSG and any of the strange chemicals they put in flavour sachets.

Ramen is an extension of that love and Perth has a few places that can satisfy the craving.  Nao and Arigataya do good renditions but my favourite is Dosukoi, a small ramen and bubble tea store situated in the Fremantle markets.  The soup that bathes the ramen is very tasty which stands it out from the other two.  I always order the pork belly rendition, the pork being flavourful and tender.

Dosukoi - Ramen with Belly Pork
Dosukoi – Ramen with Belly Pork

Add a side of fried chicken in a cup and you have one satisfying meal!

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