Sayers Sister

One of my favourite ways to spend a lazy afternoon is to go to a good cafe with friends and spend the afternoon chatting away over your choice of beverage. Having enjoyed my time at Sayers, I was keen to try out it’s spin off, Sayers Sister.
The cafe has a nice design, but not being an interest of mine, my thoughts went into choosing what to have. I couldn’t go past the signature Honeycomb Affogato.

Sayers Sister - Honeycomb Affogato
Sayers Sister - Honeycomb Affogato
Sayers Sister – Honeycomb Affogato

As it name betrays, this drink is your typical affogato but with crumbled honeycomb on top. I’d say this would be a favourite drink for those with the sweetest of tooths. The honeycomb and ice cream dominate the drink with their sweetness. If you like sweet, then you would like this.
Due to the sweetness I did order a standard flat white choosing the single origin they had in the hopper. The coffee was nice but a little weak for me to completely like it. This would explain the coffee not shining through in the affogato but maybe the affogato had skewed my taste for the flat white.
Service was cheerful so I’d definitely pop back in when in the area.

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S T Thai Gourmet Cafe

Finding a place to eat on a Monday night can be quite challenging in Perth. A lot of popular places choose Monday night as their night off which is the cause of this first world problem. After looking for a new place to go to for dinner, I was happy to find out that S T Thai Gourmet Cafe was open on a Monday night.
Upon entering the eatery, we were confronted by how loud the place was in there. This is the loudest place I have eaten at so if you are going to have a nice quiet chat with a friend, maybe this isn’t the best place to go.
After perusing the tattered menu (some are just holding by a thread), I chose the classic Pad Thai.

S T Thai Gourmet Cafe - Pad Thai
S T Thai Gourmet Cafe – Pad Thai

I like a bit of kick in my noodles so I asked it to be extra spicy, however when I tucked into the dish it was anything but. A colleague of mine found her mild penang curry was too hot, so maybe the ensuing confusion was the cause of my “no kick at all” pad thai. I had ordered the seafood version and the pad thai had a generous amount of mussels and squid. A couple of prawns and scallops were the other seafood that went with the large serving of noodles. The fried egg in the mix provided a needed salty contrast to the sweetness of the noodles to help me get through all the noodles. Bean sprouts freshened up the dish and added an enjoyable crunch. Overall a good rendition of this Thai favourite.
The staff are very friendly and a push button system on the tables allows you to call for a waiter, water or the bill. If only the place wasn’t so loud.

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Hwa Ro – Korean BBQ

If you are a devout reader of this blog, you may have guessed that I love BBQ. If not, I am stating that “I love BBQ!” The Korean version of BBQ used to be limited to one or two places in the past but currently there are many places now in Perth doing it. And not just in the usual food hubs such as Northbridge.
Hwa Ro is one of many in Northbridge and it’s a good one. Upon entering, you are greeted by Korean staff which is always a good sign. We were seated in a table with a large rectangular cavity with a downpipe hovering over it. The cavity is for a metal box containing rows of hot charcoal “tubes” and the down pipe is actually an exhaust fan.
We ordered and not before too long our chicken thigh and pork belly skewers arrived.

Hwa Ro - Chicken Thigh & Pork Belly skewers
Hwa Ro – Chicken Thigh & Pork Belly skewers

I believe chicken thighs is the best part of the chicken and likewise with pork belly being the best part of a pig to eat. There are renditions where this meat is marinated, but we chose the plain ones. Nothing beats grilled meat and with these pieces containing some fat, the combination of the char from the coals and thje rendering of the fat make these pieces delicious morsels. The skewers are also automatically rotated which ensures even cooking.

Hwa Ro - Side Dishes
Hwa Ro – Side Dishes

With the meal come complimentary salads and side dishes. Kimchi, jap chae (cellophane noodle) salad and pickled cucumber and cabbage are served with a variety of condiments. The condiments vary from peppery oil to a spicy sweet sauce. You don’t need marinated meats if you choose to use these condiments. The best thing is that all of these can be refilled by just asking your friendly waitstaff.
A favourited Korean dish of mine is the seafood pancake, so I had to order it.

Hwa Ro - Seafood Pancake
Hwa Ro – Seafood Pancake

This one was huge. The main seafood component was the squid and other than the its size, was not very impressive. Something to pass on unless you really love Korean pancake.
To round of the meat pyramid, we ordered some marbled beef.

Hwa Ro - Veges and Marbled Beef
Hwa Ro – Veges and Marbled Beef

The beef is quite fatty but that meant more flavour. The beef doesn’t come on a skewer so the meat is cooked on a hot plate over the coals. The beef was quite tasty and came with some carrot, pumpkin and onion, which was also cooked on the hot plate.
I really like Hwa Ro and with a much more extensive menu that what I have portrayed in this review, I know I will be back.

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